Travel the World: Edinburgh, Scotland

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

I can't believe it's been a year already! Time goes by so quickly when things are good. Our trip to the UK late last spring started with a few days in the city of Edinburgh. I didn't stay here very long, so correspondingly I don't have much to say about this beautiful Scottish city. Just some photos to show you. 

What a beautiful city! As a west coast inhabiting American, it's a huge change of surroundings to see buildings that are hundreds of years old. Where I live, many buildings are younger than 50 years, the most common being under 25 years old. There's not too much to look at with suburban new construction. 

I liked the Indian food in Edinburgh so much more than some of the restaurants near home.  I'd recommend Tuk Tuk Indian Street Food (above) and Dishoom.

Royal Mile.

Edinburgh feels entirely walkable as a tourist. I think other than one Uber ride from the hotel and back, we pretty much walked the entire time to every point of interest. There's some cities that are spread out to the point where that's just not possible - like Shanghai.

We stayed in this beautiful Airbnb overflowing with light. There were so many beautiful homes in city center, here's another historic stunner, styled beautifully.

Bright yellow gorse flowers cover Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park.

This was a great walk to do on a sunny day. It was very windy (my earring stud was pushed through my pierced earhole!) on top of Arthur's Seat, but a fantastic temperature and beautiful clear skies. Not a challenging walk, but it winds around and takes longer than it looks from a distance.

Holyrood Palace, the queen's residence in Edinburgh. 

This is what over fried black pudding looks like. I found out later in our trip that I actually love it when it's not dried out, but my first run in with black pudding wasn't spectacular. 

A tavern sits near the site commemorating Greyfriars Bobby, a skye terrior who guarded his owner's grave for many years after the owner passed away.

My dog doesn't even really seem to care when I come back after a trip. Such loyalty.

Royal Mile, closer to the castle.

From on top of the city, castle cannon.

Edinburgh Castle can take up half a day by itself. The complex has many smaller museums tucked within it.

Beautiful city, I felt like 3 days here just wasn't enough. Not enough time to connect on a cultural level. I'd love to come back in colder weather (words I seldom say!).

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