Armani Power Fabric Concealer

Monday, March 16, 2020

Hello! Like many of you out there, I'm going to be spending more time than usual at home in the weeks to come so I decided it was time to dust off the blog and get back into the groove of posting, hopefully with greater regularity. Today I want to talk about the Armani Power Fabric Concealer that I bought in early February.

Let me just start out with the one thing that I absolutely hate about this concealer, I've got to get this off my chest. The packaging is just the worst, one of the most appalling shortcomings I've seen in a high end makeup product. The stopper at the neck of the lets out way too much product when pulling the wand out and as a result, a lot of it will seep out through the path of least resistance, onto the threaded "neck" of the tube, when you're putting the wand back into the concealer. From the moment I received this Armani Power Fabric Concealer, I've stored it vertically in a cup but that hasn't helped one bit. Every time I use this concealer I'm peeved at how much goop there is on the threads, what a mess it is on the interior of the capped wand.

I bought shade 4.5 and it's a tad bit more yellow than I am, but it seems to look fine when blended in.

No sunscreen or primer, completely bare skin

One layer of concealer, with a bit extra patted on my sweet monthly monster chin zit

What I like about this concealer is how it blends easily for a flawless finish and can layer if you need more coverage. I liked how it applied using synthetic concealer brushes with dense, fine bristles (Artis-type brushes), dense soft goat brushes, and also my finger.  I'm happy with how it looks with just one layer for most places on my face, but for my broken veins around my mouth I dab on a bit more. If you're trying to cover discoloration for acne scaring, melasma, dark undereyes, it might take more than just one layer.

There's a couple other things aside from the really awful packaging that I don't like about this concealer, and one of them isn't entirely it's fault, my sunscreen gets most of the blame. I've been using EltaMD UV Physical Broad Spectrum SPF 41 for quite some time and it's not always base makeup friendly. In the case of Armani Power Fabric Concealer, it just does not want to stay on my face when my sunscreen is on underneath it. If I use my finger to blend, you'll see the pilled concealer transfer back onto my finger. Lately I haven't been wanting to using face primer all the time, just to speed things up with makeup application but unfortunately, this concealer and this sunscreen do not play nicely together and primer becomes absolutely necessary.

Top: after it's been on my arm for an hour. Bottom swatch is fresh from the tube.

Another funny thing about this primer is how badly it oxidizes on my arm but not my face. Super counter intuitive, but when swiped on my dry-skinned arm it turns a much darker shade of tan within an hour. However, on my face, with layers of sunscreen and primer, plus some sebum on my t-zone and the top of my cheeks, the concealer stays much truer to color.

Edit: after wearing this through the summer oilier months, I find that this does oxidize on my face as well, though not as badly as on my arm

Over all, this concealer works pretty well for me. I can wear it all day without any break down of the concealer anywhere on my face and it doesn't crease beneath my lower eyelids. It stays on the oiliest parts of my face, my nose, without transferring off (some of that may be attributed to my primer though, which is the Tatcha Silk Canvas). The temperatures in my area are quite mild, so I haven't gotten truly greasy yet so I'd say for normal and dry skin, this concealer works well. For really oily skin, that might be a different case altogether.

I like the product itself, it provides really flattering coverage over my spots and broken vessels. However the concealer's packaging is a pain the ass that I just can't look past, and it's more fussy than I would like when used with my sunscreen. Unless I find a better sunscreen that it can play nicely with, I think I'll be finishing this tube of Armani Power Fabric Concealer and then moving on to something else.

Armani Power Fabric Concealer is $32 per tube, which contains 0.2 oz / 6ml.

Remember: stay safe and prepared but don't hoard toilet paper. Now there's something I didn't think I'd ever type out. Take care!

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