Late Night Dita Crush

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Look at that décolletage!
I have a confession to make. I have ogled pictures of Dita von Teese many, many times. Her flawless skin drives me crazy, as does her perfectly sculpted eyebrows and flawless makeup. The way her trademark bold red lips contrast against her pale visage sends tingles down my body. She's the poster child for the anti-bronze campaign.

She's my crush.

So last night while feeling decidedly unglamorous and down right gross, I decided to emulate one of my beauty icons. 
I also wish I had this sexy body.

I had to pale down my skin and edit my eyebrows a bit to get her look.  I don't think the attempt to un-tan body worked very well, it's somewhat blotchy. I also can't really adopt Dita's air of mystery nor her super photogenic facial expression. (I tried)

Face: L'oreal Magic Perfecting Primer, MUFE HD, NARS concealer in Ginger/Custard, Wet'n'Wild Acapulco Glow, e.l.f. HD Powder, VOV #3 Pink Red Mixing Blush
Brows: NYX Brow Powder in Taupe/Ash
Eyes: The Body Shop #12 Matte shadow, Jane Sungloss, SMH Carnal Knowledge, The Body Shop mineral shadow in Radiant Graphite, Wet'n'Wild Cream liner, Opera Volume Control Mascara
Lips: Urban Decay Lip Primer, Maybelline #50 Red liner, Sally Hansen Moist & Matte in Charmuesse 

All items mentioned were purchased by me, for my own use.

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