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Saturday, June 12, 2010
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So, on the way back from visiting my parents, I spied the greatest thing. Meijer. Why the heck was I so excited to see the Ohio version of Kmart? Because I had heard that they carried limited edition Wet'n'Wild products.
Yes, that's right. I forced Mr. MakeupWithdrawal to make a pit stop at a shopping center in the middle of Toledo, Ohio so that I could scope it out for makeup.
I ran in quickly and checked the aisles for the summer Wet'n'Wild products.
Take a look at the displays:

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Someone needs to tell their marketing department that it's no longer 1996. But besides that, I -love- the idea of those marbleized mineral shadows and bronzers, as well as the ColorCraze nail polishes.
 WnW is just another line that's trying to do their own version of MAC's Mineralized products- like Revlon, Hard Candy and Prestige before them. 

Sadly, there was only one bronzer left and no eyeshadow, so I grabbed it.
I also picked one of nail polishes- such bright fun colors, I couldn't help myself.
The bronzer I got was in the shades Sizzle, a swirl of bronze and light gold. It's ridiculously shimmery, I can't stand it. This is what I look like wearing it:

Swatched very heavily, looks much better blended
It's so metallic looking that it looks like someone sprayed my face with a can of bronze metallic spray paint. And frankly, quite orange. Definitely does not fulfill the criteria of  'subtle', 'luminous' and 'glowy' that I look for in a bronzer. I tried using a fan brush to just dust a little on, but that still looked super shimmery and obvious. The only options of really using this bronzer is to use a large, dense bronzer brush to lightly buff it all over the body or as an eyeshadow (super, super warm though). 
Still, it was quite cheap! Around $3.50, on sale. But even that won't save you, Sizzle - off to the bronzer graveyard you go!

Product shown was purchased by me, for my own use. 

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