Green Wet'n'Wild FastDry Polishes

Sunday, January 16, 2011
Hello again Readers- my second post of the night!
I decided to follow up my green eye shadow post with one about ... green polishes. I can't help myself, it's one of my favorite colors.
This line of FastDry polishes is brand spankin' new and I bought quite a few of them last night when I found them for 1/2 off (regularly $1.99). To be honest, I've tried about four of them so far and I don't actually like what I've used. Let me show you them first and then I'll tell you why after.

Flash on the left, no flash on the right. Picture taken under lightbox.
The first one is called Sage in the City. This is three coats, with Sally Hansen Insta Dri on top and Essie First Base underneath.

Flash left, no flash right. Taken under light box.
This one is called SaGreena the Teenage Witch (cringe worthy, in my opinion but it's cute that they tried!). Also three coats, with the same combo of top coat and base coat.

So even though I used three coats each, they really could have used a fourth. Both polishes were really thin. Despite the line being called 'FastDry', these polishes dry anything but. Seriously. It was nightmarishly slow for this polish to dry between coats, the previous layer just wouldn't set enough for me to add a coat. It drove me nuts when I kept smudging my nails with the brush, because it made them look streaky the way metallics do, even though they're shimmers. I would have given up completely if it haden't been for my miraculous Sally Hansen Insta Dri. Even though Insta Dri helped dry it a bit, they stayed dentable for a few hours.
But while I hate the formula, I LOVED (all caps lock, pay attention-I love these so much I yelled) the color. The greens were so pure and rich, especially SaGreena which is just such a lovely true medium green.

I'm a bit hesitant to try the rest of the polishes I bought. I have an awful sinking feeling that I'll be highly disappointed.

Have you tried any of the new FastDry polishes?

Products featured were purchased by me, for my own use.

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