EOTD: Shiro Cosmetics Magneton

Monday, February 7, 2011
Good Evening!
In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I wanted to use one of my new Shiro colors, Magneton in a EOTD. Being great at following through (joking, I'm honestly quite terrible at following through on ... anything), I actually went ahead and used it today.
The funny thing about Magneton is that though it looks like a dark dust color in the sample bag, and even when swatched I declared it a sparkly smoke shade, it pulled decidedly icy blue on my lids! That was certainly something I wasn't expecting. Go on, take a look at yesterday's swatches here and compare.

Today I was able to appreciate all the multicolored sparks in Magneton that I overlooked yesterday. Hey, when you have an armful of glittery shadow swatches, you're bound to miss some things.
I used:
Brows: NARS Bali shadow, NYX Brow Shaper
Eyes: UDPP, Shiro Magneton shadow, NARS All About Eve duo, Milani Liquif'Eye black liner, Ballet #VOXX lashes, MAC Mixing Gel Medium

Do you own any shadows, blushes, etc that look entirely different once you put them on compared to how they look in their packaging?

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