Some Shiro Cosmetics Swatches

Sunday, February 6, 2011
Hello Readers!
This is from a recent (ok, I actually ordered way back in December but one thing led to another and I finally took swatch pictures this week) Shiro Cosmetics order.
I ordered a few mini sizes of the shades that were recommended to me recently. Now I love the ample amount included but it drives me nuts how tightly it's packed into the little screw top containers. I can't get any shadow out from under the sifter, I wonder if it's something that happens while in transit? No biggie, I just have to order a bunch of jars with the clamshell style lid from TKB next time I have chance and repackage them myself.
Swathed on dry, bare skin. Outdoors, no flash.

Back to the point, I swatched some of shadows plus one of the free samples in sunlight.
Temple of Time is a soft, sparkle filled ash color.
Master Sword is a HOLY SPARKLE SAUCE champagne with glitter.
Midna is an absolutely delightful light charcoal.
Veran is a navy with multicolored sparkle.
Magneton is a sheer, light smoke shimmer.
Gannondorf is a stunning black matte base with fine red glitter.
I couldn't possibly pick a favorite out of this bunch, they were all wonderful. I was really impressed with Gannondorf, it's not a super complicated color but it sure packs a statement (it's like the shadow version of China Glaze Lubu Heels!). At first, when I looked at Magneton in the baggie, I thought it looked like something that came out of my vacuum cleaner because it was such a dusty looking shade (I kid, I kid, with all the wonderful creations over at Shiro, Caitlin would never resort to sending dust bunnies!) but it came out so beautiful and delicate, like plumes of smoke blown into a bowl of crystals. I can't wait to wear Magneton as an all over shade for a simple EOTD.
(If you haven't already, check out my earlier review of Shiro Cosmetics here to get an idea of what the shadows are like. I'm kinda being lazy, don't want to have to reiterate about the quality of the makeup when I could just redirect you to an earlier post.)
Are they all gorgeous colors? Oh yes.
Do I wish I had about four more pairs of eyes just so I could wear all of Shiro's colors at once? Most definitely.

What do you think of this set of shadows? See any beauty that you simply must have?

Products featured were purchased by me, for my own use.

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