Glitter Gal Sunday - Type O (I Named This Polish!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012
A few months ago, Glitter Gal had a competition to rename most of their polishes, both from the 3D Sparkle line and the 3D Holographic line. To my complete amazement, Anna and Kerry chose my name for the polish formally known as Red Sparkle.

I give you, Type O!

This is three coats, without topcoat. I found that topcoat definitely dulled the holographic sparkle. The polish looks like there are little chips of blood red rubies, it's spectacular. Great formula though and the finish is quite shiny on its own.

For submitting the winning name, Glitter Gal very generously sent me 16 bottles (in the new, larger 15ml size) of most of their polishes. 16 polishes! I would have been just happy with the bragging rights to Type O, but now I can't wait to show you all the pretty Glitter Gal shades. So I thought I'd have a series for the next 16 weeks, every Sunday I'll show you a different shade. Sound good?

Kuma loves to lay at the front door and watch me take pictures of polishes in the sunlight. What he doesn't love is having his picture taken. He's wary of me possibly using flash.

Do you own any of the Glitter Gal polishes?

Products featured were sent to me as a prize as the result of winning a contest. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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  1. Wowww! 16 polishes! I'd been happy with just one too lol that is a beautiful polish!


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