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Sunday, February 5, 2012
The lovely Lacquered Lady tagged me for this award. I thought it'd be a nice change to let you readers a little more about me since in my two and a half years of blogging, I haven't really brought up much personal likes and dislikes.

1. What is your favorite fashion magazine?
Er, I haven't read any fashion/beauty magazines in the longest time. I became pretty tired of the same beauty advice regurgitated to me over and over again as well as the product placements. I much rather read blogs!

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2. Who is your favorite singer/band?
I started loving Muse almost six years ago and I doubt I'll ever stop. I also like Rammstein, Lykke Li and have a strange fondness for Nicki Minaj which I really don't understand.

3. Who is your favorite YouTube guru?
I honestly do not watch any YouTube gurus, for many reasons. Some have voices that put me to sleep (Michelle Phan), some are truly awesome and talented like the sisters Pixiwoo or Lisa Eldridge but I can't understand (I have an extremely difficult time understanding English accents). Of course, there's other "gurus" that are 16 years old and somehow spend more in one haul than I can afford in six months. Those videos just leave me somewhat appalled.

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4. What is your favorite makeup product?
Right now, my favorite item is my Clarisonic Mia that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas. It has really done wonders for my skin and I'm so incredibly happy that it was given to me.

5. Where would you like to live?
California. I'm not big on living in crowded L.A., but a place like Sacramento would suit me just fine. Only a few hours away from the beach and mountains, yet close enough to some great shopping. Oh, not to mention I'd be living much closer to a certain fine fellow that I know!

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6. What is your favorite film?
Have you ever seen Pan's Labyrinth? It's an extremely dark, somewhat disturbing film that I love all the same. It's in Spanish, so you'll have to read subtitles, but I actually love doing that.

7. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I think only about eight or so. Sadly, I spend about 50% of the year in orange Gizeh Birkenstocks. They're not the cutest thing out there (far from it, I know) but they have great arch support and are quite practical.

8. What is your favorite color?
Scarlet. Not red, not orange, but scarlet.

I'm not so great at tagging, so I'll just end on this note- if you write a blog, then I love it. I love that people are willing to spend the time to make a little piece of the internet their own. So feel free to tag yourself !

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