L'eauParKenzo Pour Femme EDT Review

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Good evening! Fragrance review time.
I've been putting off reviewing L'eauParKenzo for a while.  I first tried this fragrance about six months back, in the middle of the winter. At the time, if you recall- CLEAN Skin occupied (occupied is an understatement, I was obsessed) my mind so for a while this fragrance sat on the back burner. 

When I first sniffed this scent, I must say that my expectations were not very high. It opened up with curious mint, an oddity almost, compared to the other notes.  Being the middle of the winter, the cold winter air only amplified the crisp mint, it sent a chilly sensation down my back. Gradually, it eased into a nice fruity floral with the help of water lily and a bit of citrus, but a very mild, enjoyable fruity floral. L'eauParKenzo ends for me, with lingering rose. That's actually my least favorite part, the rose. I'm just not partial to roses! Overall, I enjoyed this EDT, it was like a splash of cool water at the start of a brisk day.

I waited a few months, because I didn't want to review it before wearing it in warmer weather. These days, while I still find it rather pleasant, I no longer experienced the refreshingly cool mint as much. Now, the clean aquatic nature of this fragrance is a bit lost on me, which is really quite a shame because I was looking forward to the feeling that this scent evokes- calm and still like cool breeze blowing over a perfect body of water- in the middle of the summer when the weather is hot and the air is humid.

It seems counter-intuitive because from reading other reviews, it seems like a lot of people wear this in the summer, but I'm saving it for cooler days. I just happen to really like that crisp, fresh feeling. 

Second to last thing- I like the bottle quite a bit. My 3.4oz bottle is quite large, and it looks like a warped glass brick. Even if I don't love this fragrance in a few years, I'll still keep it around. I can always beat intruders with it, it's that large!
One last thing.  Eau de toilette and all, the longevity is not all that great for me. For continuous wear, I'd recommend buying a travel atomizer to fill up with this fragrance. 

What do you think? Have you tried L'eauParKenzo Pour Femme EDT? What's your favorite Kenzo fragrance? 

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