Taped Zigzag Gradient

Friday, May 11, 2012

Do you remember the nails that I did for my incomplete 30 day nail challenge? (If not, click here for a refresher). Today's nails are sort of the opposite of that set- I taped off the white and sponged on the color. I guess the same effect could be created with white lines drawn on top of a gradient, but I prefer stripping tape. It produces neater, crisper lines.

Also, I *love* peeling off tape. It's satisfying, even if it's lame. Guess I gotta get my kicks somewhere.

I used a white franken (mixed up from Sally Hansen Polar Bare and some Ulta white) and Sally Hansen Fairy Teal.  I bought Fairy Teal the last time CVS had their mega 75% off clearance sale for a mere $1-2. 

Sorry for the funny lighting. I bought a photography tent for taking pictures and some new bulbs... and have been playing around with them. The second picture is more color accurate. 

Have a nice weekend!

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