AFTER Gold Series A7 Lashes from KKCenterHK

Monday, March 4, 2013
Hi folks!

So lately I've worn the same style of lashes quite a bit and have gotten questions on Instagram and in real life as to what they were. They're from KKCenterHK and it's from a new brand that I have not tried before. The brand is AFTER and the style number is A7.

I really love these! They're very comfortable, with a super flexible band that is easily trimmed from either side if you find that the lashes are too long for your eye or to tone down the look by trimming away the longer hairs. The style is pretty natural, the band blends in very easily with dark liner. It's definitely not an over the top look, not too dense or too long, just fluttery crosshairs that look like the beautiful set of lovely lashes that I definitely was not born with.

I definitely like these the most out of all the lashes I've tried in recent memory. Another plus is that they clean up really well for reuse, but priced at $19.56 per box of ten pairs, you won't be too sorry if you lose any.

What are you favorite false lashes?

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