Hard Candy Gummy Green

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Hi folks!

Recently Hard Candy came out with quite a few new polishes that sent the nail polish community scrambling to look for them. There are so many new shades, including ones that have a very indie glitter-esque feel to them. I found a display a couple of weeks ago, and promptly had a bit of a melt down because I couldn't decide which ones to get.

Seriously. I parked myself in front of the display for about 30 minutes, just picking up bottles and putting them back. Having too many options wrecks havoc on me, I'm already rather indecisive when it comes to polishes. In the end, I walked away with just ONE. Hard to believe, I know.

Hard Candy Gummy Green is a minty crelly polish (somewhere in between jelly and creme) laded with black and silver (but looks white) glitter. It's awesome. I did three coats here and then two coats of topcoat. It's not topcoat hungry, just the sheer amount of glitter made it dry a little lumpy. Nothing a second serving of topcoat couldn't fix.

I need to go back. I know exactly which ones I need to get next! Have you seen the new display yet or are you waiting patiently for your Walmart to stock them?

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