Perfume Diary: TokyoMilk Dead Sexy No. 06 Eau de Parfum

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Good evening!

I fondly think of TokyoMilk as the Skittles of the fragrance world. Much like a sugary impulse buy at the check out line, TokyoMilk manages to satisfy occasional cravings but will by no means break the bank. Since I first blogged about the TokyoMilk Dark scent Tainted Love, I've tried out six more TM scents. My feelings were mixed; some were odd and quirky, some mild and not unpleasant while some were just downright disagreeable. Dead Sexy No. 06 is the latest that I've tried and its certainly very interesting. 

Dead Sexy. Ugh. The name. Fragrantica mentions that it comes from the name of an erotic thriller movie. Anything with 'sexy' in the name becomes decidedly less so to me; overtly sexy is anything but hot. It's almost funny because the mental image that this fragrance paints in my head is almost the complete opposite. There's something about this perfume that just suggests Victorian Era to me. 

Dead Sexy (ok, I'm calling it DS from here on out. I can't take the name seriously) starts out with an interesting top note of ebony wood. It's almost sharp, a bit rubbery and slightly bitter. I can picture a Victorian library quite vividly; a stuffy room with hunting trophies mounted on rare woods. To take the edge of that prominent note is a velvety floral smell - supposedly a note to mimic white orchids. It's very fresh and a bit powdery, I think of the delicate fair wrists of a lady, carefully hidden by ruffled sleeves. It's chaste and almost meek, a pushover note. Vanilla begins to peak as DS progresses to the dry down. The note of vanilla is somehow almost sanitized, it's not rich, it's not gourmand... it mingles with the smell of old books and a dusty ornate desk.

This is an odd scent. I honestly think very few people would be drawn to it, but at the same time the burnt rubbery ebony smell is so curious that I like it very much.

Longevity: 5-6 hours. Not a very potent parfum.
Sillage: somewhere right in between mild and moderate

TokyoMilk Dead Sexy Eau de Parfum is $30 and can be purchased from What's your favorite TokyoMilk scent? Is it from the regular or Dark line?

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