Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan 3.0 Submissions

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Exciting news!

Submissions are now open for the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan 3.0 Collection. Every two years, RBL’s Fan Collection comes out and is a great chance for ReBeLs to work with Ji and make their dream colors come true!

To qualify, fans should create a Pinterest board, curated with images inspired by the color they wish Ji to mix. Another option is to create a collage, or even a slideshow with photos and descriptions. The link for the Pinterest board/or collage along with a description should be sent to For more details, see Ji’s blog post here.

Some of my favorite colors ever were from Fan Collections. Remember Fire Queen? Hands down one of my favorite colors in existence. I really hope that you guys will enter!

The 48-hour submission starts on Friday, July 25th at 12pm EST and ends 12pm EST on Sunday, July 27th. 

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