Review: BECCA Beach Tint in Papaya

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I hope that your new year is going great so far. So I wanted a little sumpin' sumpin' new to bring on vacation next week; a product both long-wearing and multipurpose to help me pack light. I thought of my summertime favorite color product - BECCA Beach Tints - and how I always promising myself to buy more shades at a later date. I ended up picking up BECCA Beach Tint in Papaya

So BECCA Beach Tints are these fluid cremes that come in a small tube. They're suitable for both lips and cheeks and leave a matte stain. I usually describe them as bright flushes of color that look really lovely and natural on the lips. The one and only downside to Beach Tints is that they can separate a bit in the tube, especially when you get them new or they sit for a while unused. Papaya looked more orange on my arm, persimmon in color really, but was a bit more coral when combined with the natural pink tint of my lips. 

BECCA Beach Tint in Papaya on the lips. I love it.

I would really love it if BECCA came out with more shades. Perhaps a mauve? Wishful thinking. BECCA Beach Tints are $25 each and sold at store such as Sephora

I'm hoping to schedule some posts before we leave but we've had a lot of overcast days lately so unfortunately there's a dearth of blog worthy pictures. And Vesper is already at Nana's house so no gratuitous pet pics either, sorry!

Mimi, are we going to talk about your haircut? What's that weird bang situation you have going on there?

Yeah, I went into my last hair appointment thinking, "straight retro bangs, I could do that, right?" False. I just don't have enough hairs for a lush full retro fringe, as it turns out. It wasn't a good look! However, now they are too short to be carved into side swept bangs, so they're just chillin' slightly to the side. Grow little hairs, grow.

I have no idea what other makeup I'm going to take for the trip. What do you usually bring?

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