Crack Nail Polish Comparison: OPI, China Glaze, Cover Girl & BarryM

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Left to Right: BarryM Instant Nail Effects Black Magic, China Glaze Black Mesh, OPI Black Shatter, Cover Girl Crackle Lacquer in Boo!
Hello Readers!
Yesterday I decided I'd do a post comparing some crack polishes that I have. It seems to be a huge craze right now so I figured I'd talk about the differences between them.

Before topcoat

After 1 coat Barielle No Chip Speed Dry

BarryM Instant Nail Effects in Black Magic- This one is a UK brand crackle. It dries to a very matte finish and is the most unpredictable crackle. Whereas China Glaze Black Mesh and OPI Black Shatter split horizontally and vertically almost every time, BarryM Black Magic cracks at all angles, creating a very raw and graphic look. It definitely 'moves' more than the other ones. I like that you really never know what you'll be getting with this polish! 10ml in size.

China Glaze Black Mesh- This black crackle tends to break off in long, vertical pieces. Application is very easy but this one really needs the base color to be 100% dry before you start applying. Semi matte finish. 14ml in size.

OPI Black Shatter- The most even crackle polish, this crackle tends to break off in large, very geometric looking pieces. It is the blackest of all the ones I've compared today. Black Shatter also applies better over dry bases, or else it'll disrupt the polish beneath it. 15ml in size.

Cover Girl Crackle Lacquer in Boo!- The is the earliest crackle of this group, and the one that stands the furthest apart. It looks darkish navy in the bottle but dries much darker. This one applies better over a surface that is still slightly damp (think like 90% dry), or else it tends to flake off immediately as it dries. This crackle also takes the longest to begin 'moving', almost five minutes to completely finish. Of all the crackles, this one dries glossy. The cracks in this polish look more like tiny thin veins, and shows the least amount of base color. I'd consider this one a 'First Generation' crackle, but it's still really neat. 11ml in size.

Have you tried any crackle polishes? Did you like the effect it had on your nails?

Products featured were purchased by me, or given to me as gifts.

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  1. I love the crack nail polish! I've only used the OPI version though and I love it! Except, that it took more than 3 hours to dry!!!! Everytime I touched something the nail polish moved and I had to try to fix it by pushing it back. But, I think its a really neat idea and I really want to know how it works!


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