Happy Hands Mayonegg

Friday, November 23, 2012

This has got to be the most unique indie polish that I've seen yet. When I first saw it on Etsy, I had a 'WHAT IS THAT?' moment. Naturally, Mayonegg by Happy Hands Nail Polish ended up in my cart.

This is two generous coats (modified, read on to see what I mean) over one coat of white creme- Sinful Colors Snow White. Mayonegg is a wonderfully unique (not a word I use lightly in the grand scheme of indie polishes, but really, this is SPLENDIDLY unusual!) white base with various sizes of matte yellow glitter and fine subtle silver shimmer.

I don't particularly like tweaking polishes, I like to wear them as intended but unfortunately I couldn't really wear this polish as is, the glitter seemed to sink down after each coat and disappear. At first, I added a bunch of thinner hoping that it'd be a quick fix. It helped a lot with application but the glitters still looked a little lumpy like they sinking in the white base. Ultimately, I ended up pouring out 1/4 of the bottle and adding suspension base and more thinner.

Left: original formula, three coats. Middle is after adding about 20 drops of Orly thinner, right is after pouring out and adding suspension base. As you can see, the glitter is a lot less dense but I liked how the glitter was less lumpy.

Though it made the glitters more sparse, application and leveling were improved. The pretty glitter still sunk a bit but I didn't want to mess with it any more than I already had.

Beautiful color combination, really awesome theme. Just a little bit of tweaking to make the yellow glitter stand out, that's all. You know what is even more exciting? Starting Saturday, you can use the code HOLIDAYS to get 20% off at the Etsy shop! Regularly priced at $10. Follow the Facebook page for more info.

You can buy Happy Hands polish at the Etsy shop or at Harlow and Co.

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