KKCenterHK Review: All Belle Red Wedding Lashes

Thursday, November 1, 2012
Hi folks!

I tried out some more lashes from KKCenterHK. These are by the brand All Belle, the Red Wedding line.

First off, you'll notice that the packaging is quite nice! I'm used to cardboard boxes for bulk lashes but these are in sturdy plastic and cardboard red packaging.

I was a bit surprised to see how different they looked from their pictures online. If you look at the site, you'll notice that D2121 and D4121 both look like they are wispy and made of crisscross hairs.

First one, D2121. They're quite supposed to be natural looking, with various lengths of lashes that are staggered. These weren't too bad, band applied decently.

Second is D4121. This one is more of a volume lash, the lashes are not as long as the D2121 but they are much more densely arranged. I didn't particularly like these, the band was sort of stiff and the hairs are 'hard', which means they don't really blend in with your lashes very well.

To sum it up, I think these are not as flexible or forgiving as silk or natural hair lashes. They're a little stiff and the hairs are rather firm, not as pliable as lashes that I've tried in the past from KKCenterHK. If you're a seasoned lash wearer and plan on wearing these to say a nightclub or concert, I think they'll suit your needs. If you are new to the lash game or just really concerned about finding the most natural and invisible lashes, these might not be for you. The packaging is really nice, definitely top notch for false lashes but I think other lashes that I've tried form KKCenterHK photographed better and were easier to wear. Each box of lashes is $26.33 per set of 10 pairs.

Don't forget, you can use "makeupwithdrawal" on the KKCenterHK website to get 10% off any order!

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