An Overview of Real Techniques Brushes

Friday, November 22, 2013

I recently expanded my collection of Real Techniques brushes thanks to a nifty Klout perk. I received a total of 8 brushes and since the kits don't match up with online sets, I'm sort of reviewing them brush by brush and as a whole.
 First, eye brushes. Left to right: Deluxe Crease, Base Shadow, Pixel-Point Eyeliner, Brow.

I don't use any of these brushes for their inscribed purpose. The Deluxe Crease is very large and round compared to my crease (and to my entire eye region) so I use it to blend under eye concealer. The Base Shadow is very similar in shape and also function to a MAC 217 so I use that to blend instead of patting on any base eye shadow. The Pixel-Point Eyeliner is too thick to really apply eyeliner that is gel or creme. The lines drawn by it are incredibly thick despite the name. Instead, it could be used to smudge out liner but I have brushes that are more suitable for that purpose. In the end, the Pixel-Point ends up being a lip color brush. The last eye brush, the Brow, seems much too soft and too big to shade in brows. It's really quite thick and does not produce the precise brush strokes that are idea for brows. I don't really use this brush too much but I guess in a pinch I can use it to apply colors in the crease without disrupting other parts of the eyelid.
 Face brushes. Left to right: Buffing, Contour and Pointed Foundation.

I like the Buffing Brush quite a bit. It's a great multitasking brush; it can be used for buffing in foundation, applying bronzer, blush, contour, etc. Great work horse. The Contour Brush is also useful, great for either highlighting or contouring. The Pointed Foundation Brush became pretty round after a couple washes and virtually no different from any other flat type foundation brush other than being on the small side. I use it to brush on primer.

The Blush Brush. I'm really not found of using this for applying blush as the head is really rather large. In fact, it's bigger than all but one of my face powder brushes. Though the head comes to a nice rounded taper, I really prefer blush brushes that are more domed and much smaller for applying blush. It makes a splendid powder brush though.

All the brushes are pretty soft, though not as soft as other synthetic brushes (such as Ecotools). They are well constructed, definitely on the cheaper side of the brush spectrum and made with synthetic materials. As I've said to many friends, I think you will be really pleased with them as long as you disregard the names of the brushes and use them for what feels right rather than the intended purpose. They're not my favorite brushes by a long shot but I am really glad to have them in a pinch when my favorite are dirty or drying from being washed.

Products featured were a free Klout Perk. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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