Four More Glam Polish Shades

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Good evening!

My apologies for not blogging much last week. We went to visit the newest addition to the family over the weekend (a new niece!) and I didn't get to schedule posts like I had planned. Tonight I have four more Glam Polish shades to show you.

 First up, we have Jem. This is a pink shade that is really jam packed with small iridescent peice and metallic blue and pink glitter. Is it not the perfect representation of Jem and the Holograms?

Next we have Indigo Sparkle. A cool blue based purple scattered holographic polish. This is three coats. What I really liked about this holo was that there is vivid purple sparkle and the color is really rich in any light setting. You know how some holos look really silver and dull indoors? Not this one! Though the holo is muted indoors, the color is still very vibrant. Picture taken outdoors.

Nickle Nackle. Three coats. This is a really beautiful sky blue crelly with metallic purple glitter as well as satin pink and teal glitter and beautiful holo teal dots. This is my favorite out of the four!

Lucky. Another three coat crelly. It is a stunning delicate lighter teal-green with dots galore! The glitter inside is teal, gold and green. I also added some accent round studs on this one.

All the Glam Polishes that I've tried so far have really great formulas. They are smooth and the perfect viscosity and the glitter lay really smoothly on the nail. I do a bit of dabbing to place the larger dots because they can be a bit tricky but that is just something to be expected with such large glitter.

Australian ladies can purchase their polish directly from the Glam Polish shop here. Don't fret, all us international folks! There are many distributors for Glam Polish worldwide including:

Color4Nails (US, ships worldwide)
Llarowe (US)
Rainbow Connection (UK)
Norway Nails (Europe)
Mei Mei's Signatures (Singapore)

Be sure to check out each distributor's Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates on availability, as they may differ.

Which of these four shades call out to you the most?

Products featured were sent to me for review. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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