Ninja Polish Color Changing Garnet

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
 Hi folks!

Before I talk about this polish, I just wanted to comment that I can't remember if I bought this polish or if it was a press sample. Yeah. Giant whoops. Not that it would change my review, but just to let you know that I can't honestly remember. I've had it for roughly a year and only now pulled out Ninja Polish Color Changing Garnet. It contains both color shifting pigment and micro glitter, so it looks red/copper/gold/emerald green. Since it's not just shimmer but actually contains glitter too, the sparkle is more pronounced than a simple color shifting pigment topcoat.

I think it looks best over dark colors so that the color shift pops, so I'm wearing it over Finger Paints Art of Theft, which is a dark indigo with a bit of shimmer. My one and only problem with this pretty Ninja Polish is that it is not suspended very well. The contents don't flatten out completely, but they definitely migrate to the bottom half of the bottle.

Ninja Polish shades can be purchased here

Product featured came from somewhere, either a blog sale or directly from the company as a press sample. Sorry, worst blogger ever. See Disclosure for additional information. 

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