[Yungo by ReEn] The First Hair Cleansing Treatment & Ampule Drop Essence

Thursday, August 24, 2017
It's been a while since I reviewed any haircare on the blog, today I'd like to talk about a brand that was first introduced to me by my sister. She had originally picked [Yungo] The First Hair Cleansing Treatment when Memebox was having those ludicrous clearance sales earlier this year. When we met up in Shanghai, I had the chance to try this product for myself, and ultimately I ordered the Ampule as well.

The quality my sister liked the most about this cleanser is the same thing I adores about it: the smell! I can separate it into two parts; this beautiful warm woodsy floral scent and also earthy herbal shampoo. The cleanser is a really unusual color; a sort of reddish brown gel.

It's supposed to be a 2 in 1, a very mild cleanser that should leave hair hydrated enough to skip conditioner. At home I condition my ends for some extra moisture, but in a very humid environment (like Shanghai), I was able to skip conditioner without my hair become dry and frizzy.

I was under the impression that SLS was the cause for my scalp acne and it's the main detergent in this hair cleanser. However while it is what I consider a daily shampoo, I'm not using it every day - I alternate with a medicated shampoo for hair loss as well as a Ryo shampoo. I still get the occasional scalp cyst, mild compared to what I used to get. I think the nice lather, fantastic scent, and clean scalp feeling is a worthy trade off for a small bump every other month.

The Ampule Drop Essence has the same lovely scent without herbal undertones and since that's almost entirely the reason I added it to my cart on SweetCorea, I was thrilled. I figured it was silicone laden, but am pleasantly surprised that it is lightweight, quick to absorb, lends my hair shine and protection without the greasy, coated feel. It's nice for my hair type; very fine, easily damaged, prone to loss, oily scalp. Also it was $5. Gentle on the wallet.

Overall, two inexpensive products that smell nice and I have no complaints.

You can buy Yungo The First Hair Cleansing Treatmeant from Sasa (on sale for $8) here. I purchased my 250ml tube from eBay for around $14 including shipping. The Ampoule Drop Essence was from SweetCorea.

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