Travel The World (You Should Eat Here): Minnesota State Fair

Thursday, August 31, 2017
I don't visit my parents in the Midwest very often, but when I booked my flight to visit Minnesota this month, I made I would be around for the Great Minnesota Get-Together. There is no happier place for your inner snacker, I can assure you. There's always new and dare I say, innovative* foods each year. 

* by innovative I mean, wow, I've never seen that deep fried before. 

The Fair takes place on the twelve days leading up to Labor Day, in the Twin Cities. It's the largest State Fair in the US, people flock from many states. The last year I went, I tried the then-new red velvet funnel cake, I tried some of the newest snacks for 2017 this time around.  

 Deep fried avocados. What else would you do with a high fatty (good fatty) piece of fruit, but to deep fry it?

 There's a Land of 10,000 Beers Exhibit in the Agriculture Building. They have all these different kinds of flights for $10. I'm inclined to the deeper beers so I picked Dark & Roasted. All were very enjoyable, save for #1, Nicollet Mauler.

 Everyone has a clear favorite establishment for cheese curds. Mine happens to be The Mouse Trap, fight me outside.

 Deep friend 3 Musketeers and deep fried Oreos.

 I like what heat does to an oreo, but really not crazy about the batter. I treated it like protective bread covering my gooey oreo.

There's something cheesy, heaped with bacon, or smeared with sour cream every few feet.

 You shouldn't pass up Sara's Tipsy Pies in the Food Pavilion. Gouda Onion Ale pie? IT IS SO GOOD.

Corn dog with... extra corn. Extra corn, how? Whole kernals crammed in the batter and sprinkled on top, naturally.

Some other notable (yet sadly not pictured) treats: Maple Cream Nitro Cold Press Coffee from the Farmer's Union,  $1.50 cider freezes.

I'm all about the feasting, but there's a ton to do at the State Fair. The Animal Birthing Center is always a stop for me, as well as the bee & honey displays at the Horticulture building. You can't pass up a peek at the butter sculptures (yep, butter) or the seed art, because there's nothing more Midwestern than those two displays. Nothing.

Fellow Americans, have you been to your state's annual fair? International friends, what are the local seasonal night markets/festival markets like in your area?

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