Rouge Bunny Rouge Provenance Tales Collector's Coffret

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

You know what makes coming home extra enjoyable? Arriving home to find boxes that are waiting for you. I had an unexpected package over the holidays, I was delighted to unwrap it and find the newest olfactory offering from Rouge Bunny Rouge: a delightful coffret of travel sized Provenance Tales fragrances.

 This is a trio of 15ml bottles, each one embossed in silver with their respective names and designs. I think these are some of the most stunningly packaged perfumes I have. I like the sleek dark look of the miniaturized flacon and the matte faceted cap. The Provenance Tales Collector's Coffret features a trifecta of scents that RBR categorizes as chypre, woody oriental, and floral oriental.

I want to note - these atomizers on the bottles are among the best I've ever encountered. The smooth pumping mechanism that has a long release, spraying a very fine mist. Excellent quality packaging too, RBR really knows how to make their products feel like a beautiful, luxurious treat.


This instantly brings me back to last winter in Budapest. There was this appetizer I had on our first night there, it was seasoned with juniper berries. This coolness of juniper at the opening of Silvan reminds me of when I bit into a rather large fleck of the spice, like a blast of winter to the face. I smell a lot of cedarwood as it develops, but I don't get very much incense like the description of the notes would suggest. To me, it's a very clean, refreshing woody scent as the pepper and spices are mild.

Longevity: 5 hours
Sillage: Mild, very close to skin scent


My favorite of the three.  I adore the strong sandalwood, vetiver combo that I get, smudged with spices - a touch of heat, that contrasts with the tinge of juniper and florals as it opens.  For me, the dry down has a nice aged leather, not too prominent, like background noise. I would absolutely buy a full bottle of this.

Longevity: 6 hours for the most punch, but I can smell it on me even 10-12 hours later.
Sillage: Moderate


This one was an interesting fragrance for me. Big burst of pink pepper and some clean, new suede at the open, but it quickly morphed into a bright, sunny perfume that shouted out "heliotropin!", completely at odds with the vampy bottle complete with a bat. I also experienced quite a bit of powdery orris, which when overlapping with musk and suede, seemed way too happy to be grouped with Silhouette and Silvan.

Longevity: 6-7 hours
Sillage: Moderate

Odder still, I splashed a bit of gasoline on my sleeve while filling up my tank and for reasons unknown to me, my nose and brain found this combination of Incognito and gas to be magnificent. I'm not kidding. It was downright pleasurable to inhale this crazy mixture. I think I'm going to layer Incognito with diesel-y fragrances (ok I have to buy one first) in the future.

The Rouge Bunny Rouge Provenance Tales Collector's Coffret is $175. There's also another set made of Fragrant Confections scents that feature more floral, vanillic scents if that's your cup of tea, priced at $135. When you purchase the Provenance Tales coffret, it comes with a $70 voucher (90 day expiration) towards  a 50ml bottle in any one of the three fragrances ($169 each). Personally, I would use it towards a bottle of Silhouette, my favorite, but all three are promising in their own way. This would make an exceptional present for a fragrance lover (or yourself!), as Rouge Bunny Rouge truly knows how to make every product feel like a grand gift.

Edit: the code RBR-MAKEUPWITHDRAWAL20 is still valid! Use it to take 20% off your order. No affiliation, just a code for MW blog readers.

How do you feel about these bottles? Are they not splendid? Which notes appeal to you the most?

Product featured were gifted by the brand. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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