Esqido Silhouette Lashes

Sunday, February 18, 2018
Today's post is on a pair of luxury mink lashes from Esqido, courtesy of the brand.  These are style "Silhouette", a sweeping pair of crisscrossed wispy lashes that really elongate the look of your lashes.

What I like about this pair of Silhouette lashes was that the outer corners aren't too long, the prominent length is placed halfway through the arc, or over the pupils. 
Here's a close up, left out without any mascara or false lashes, right eye with Silhouette. 

Close up of Silhouette. 

Over no eye makeup.

It's more evident from looking downwards that these are false lashes, here the uniformity stands out. 

 The stand out product is the Companion glue. I've been using Duo for years because it was easily available. I tried both the squeeze tube kind and the one in the tube that adheres a little better. This blows Duo out of the water, it really does. You need way less product for better grip and it is much more mistake proof - there's a bit of time to readjust if perhaps you didn't get the ends quite where you wanted them upon the first placement.

Companion Eyelash Glue also washes off the lashes and eye area easily with oil cleanser, though that probably shortens the life of the false eyelashes themselves. All around better glue option than Duo, I'm really pleased with this glue. 

Previously, I mentioned with the style Oh So Sweet that there was no way that these lashes made it to 25 uses. Silhouette easily delivers 25 wears, I wouldn't be surprised if they carried me through to 30+ wears. The band feels more reinforced than Oh So Sweet, the trade off with longevity is comfort. The band doesn't bend as well (compared to Oh So Sweet) to the curvature & angle of my lid. Particularly at the inner corners, my lid curves inwards but the band wants to stay straight. 

Here's how they look, brand new in the box. Before I trimmed them a little on the inner corners. 

Here's how they look after 10 wears. They look like they are brand new.

After each wear, I massage cleansing oil over them, rinse them clean and put them back into the box (lid propped open) to dry in the curved shape.

This is after wear 19. They still look splendid.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the new Silhouette style mink lashes ($29) and even more satisfied with the Companion glue ($10). Definitely quality lashes that you'll get your money's worth if you take good care of them after each wear.

Product featured was a press sample. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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