The Ordinary. Serum & Coverage Foundations

Friday, August 10, 2018

I've been sitting on this review of The Ordinary foundations for a while, managed to misplace the photos in the depths of my computer.  I ordered two foundations directly from Deciem at the beginning of the year, before the implosion of weirdness from the individual formerly known as the C.E.O. I still don't know what is going on there. 

Both foundations are in bare bones packaging. There's no cap, just a twist locking pump top that I would not risk putting in any makeup bag. It would take very little force to unlock (just a quarter of a turn), this is definitely never coming with me on any trip, at least not in the original bottle. 

While there are 21 shades, there are still some gaps. There are for instance, not any warm yellow toned foundations lighter than what I am, (which is around NC20-25) and a friend of mine noted that in order to get a good match for her, she would have to mix 3.0Y and a darker shade because there weren't that many yellow toned dark shades either. 

I grabbed 1.2Y in the Serum and 1.2YG in the Coverage. YG is a better match for me, but Y looks to be passable in the summer for me. It looks like the color that I'd tan to... if I could tan evenly. 

Excuse that crazy looking ungroomed eyebrow. This is bare skin, without primer.  The following foundation faced pictures also have a hint of the same highlight, blush, and setting powder (different lipsticks though).  

Serum Foundation

This is a really nice light finish, with a thin liquid formula. The finish is more matte than you would expect, but since I tend to moisturize heavily under my makeup, this evens out to satin, maybe even lightly luminous. I think it builds well and flexes easily with the skin, it's a comfortable light coverage foundation that I would like at any price point. I preferred using my fingers over brushes or sponges to apply this foundation.

Coverage Foundation

A creamier, thicker foundation than the Serum Foundation. Coverage is great, as the name would suggest, but has a bit of a tendency to deposit in large pores like I have in my nose. Would recommend not skipping foundation primer with this one, and to set generously with powder (mist to re-hydrate if need be). Finish is satin matte on its own. I liked a dense synthetic brush to apply this foundation (like your Artis and what not)

This foundation made me a little itchy all over. It always felt like there was a tickle at the tip or in the crease of my nose, under my jaw, around my eyes. Allergic to an ingredient, I'd guess. I'd notice it more when I wore it all over the face as opposed to when I dotted a tiny bit of it on like concealer.

I'm definitely going to continue to use the Serum Foundation, I think I'll pick up 1.2YG with slightly more yellow, less beige/peach undertones. I would like it if were $60, $40, or $20, no matter what it is priced at, it is a great foundation. At $6.70, it feels like a steal. I'd definitely recommend it if all you want out of a foundation is a soft matte finish with a natural light to light-medium coverage. 

The Ordinary. foundations can be purchased from Beautylish and directly from DECIEM. The Serum Foundation is $6.70, the Coverage Foundation is $6.90.

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