Another New Video + A Small Treat

Friday, March 26, 2010
Like this new layout? The old one wasn't cutting it anymore, the cutesy deal was starting to irritate me quite a bit. I didn't like having someone else's logo either on my page.  Anyways... 
Here's a nice little tasty tidbit. This is a shadow from Annabelle, a Canadian brand. A friend of my mine from MUA manage to acquire a few, and passed one on to me (I love you, AA). The pigmentation is quite amazing, I've always wanted a dark navy with this intensity of color. Some navy shades I see are either dull or not quite right, which makes them so hard to pull off. This is a stunner, and it looks particularly good as an winged liner. The only thing is that I'm completely spoiled by LORAC's matte textures (they're unbelievably smooth, like a con artist at a retirement home) AA and I wondered if the rest of the Annabelle were so nice. It's probably best if I don't ever find out. I know you can order Annabelle in the US, but I checked out their site and they have a minimum order amount of $30, if I remember correctly.
Also, I made another video last night, by request- for what to do with sheer blushes. In particular, sheer blushes like Hard Candy's Blush Crush Crush Baked Crush in Living Doll, where the color looks way over the top, but the color payoff is quite mild because it's (in my opinion) over baked. 

Anyways, I'm working on new material right now (a series that go in depth about my passion for amazing lashes) but just wanted to post something really quick in the meantime. 

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