Grouchy Mini Haul

Monday, March 8, 2010
I felt like crap today, I really did. I woke up terribly nauseous and with really painful hormonal acne. At least, I hope it's just hormonal. So I admit, I picked up a few things today, as a sort of retail therapy. I bought a few more Wet'n'Wild single eyeshadows (review of them soon to follow, I promise!), a new Wet'n'Wild lipstick- Just Peachy (903C), two WnW nail polishes,  Essie Matte About You topcoat, a few e.l.f. tools, Studio Tools concealer brush and some aloe vera gel. 

So I pretty much ruined my no-buy (again). I'm a quitter. I tried to stick to some cheap things, but the problem is when you buy LOTS of cheap things, it adds up. It probably would have been cheaper to bite the bullet and order that LORAC that I wanted. But back to the mini haul. 
I started out by running to Target (3rd time this week) to see if they had an e.l.f. display yet. No luck, but I did see that they had stripped the Sonia Kashuk display, so the new stuff will be in soon! I also noticed that they took down the Boots display, I'm guessing e.l.f. will grace that spot. I bought a ST concealer brush (clearance, $1.48) which I think will be great for my delicate eye area, because it's really tiny and soft. Almost reminds me of a lip brush. Also grabbed an Essie matte top coat- I've been really wanting matte polishes lately, but figured a matte top coat would be a better investment than buying a new set of matte polishes. How thoughtful of me. 

Now, disappointed by the lack of e.l.f, I ended up at Dollar General, knowing that they carried of few of their tools. Snagged 2 brushes (flat eyeliner and small eyeshadow brush) and a couple extra false lash sets (not shown). The eyeliner brush is really too wide to use with my cream and gel liners, which I like to have complete and precise control over. Also grabbed a eyelash curler, because as soon as my Shu Uemura curler gets here, I'm doing a curler review.
Moving on- I spied a W'n'w display at my grocery store, that wasn't completely molested. I'm serious here, the W'n'W displays at Walgreens look like they've been ravaged by some cosmetics hungry creature- everything good is out of stock. I managed to grab a couple nail polishes, a matte lippie and some single eyeshadows. 

So what did I do right today? I used a coupon at CVS and got free aloe vera, which I had really needed. I also sent off my package to a MUAer (I hope she loves those brushes I picked out for her!). 

Swatches tomorrow, scout's honor. 

One last confession. I completely lied. I did order that LORAC. 


  1. Yeah my no-buy lasted all of two hours. :/ It's so hard! And you're right -- the cheap stuff does add up in the end.

  2. @ Valerie
    I keep telling myself that I'd rather save up and have more medium end and high end makeup- but it never happens! As soon as I walk into a drugstore, I think- a couple small things couldn't hurt!


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