Duwop Peacock Palette

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Another lovely set of guest swatches today- Duwop Peacock Palette. AA tells me that she managed to snag it off Beauty.com for $25.

Notes: Once again, I'd like to add that AA is NW15. Deep Lavender is a a red based violet with shimmer. Bronze is a golden shimmery brown. Chocolate is a dark bronze shimmer. Bright Teal is BRIGHT blue-green, aqua almost and shimmery.Olive is a golden green shimmer. Navy is an amazingly pigmented navy blue. The DoubleGlow makes a great highlighter, and the Cheek Venom is "Cobra" - a sheer peach-coral. Sorry, no swatches of the last two- will re-edit and add them if they do get swatched.
Man, the colors look so good, it makes me want to pick up this palette myself. And I've never tried anything from Duwop.


  1. Oh God, that bright teal looks gorgeous!

    Too bad I can't get DuWop here >_<

  2. @GeekyEejit
    Does Beauty.com ship to the UK? That's where AA got it from.


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