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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
The weather today has been spectacular. Much needed sunshine after the last three rainy days. The kind of day that makes you want to drive around in your Jeep with the moon roof open, windows down and sing top 40 songs that you'd be embarrassed to admit that you like (this is also an accurate description of what I did today). However, my skin hasn't been equally as beautiful. Much as I long for skin the likes of Gabrielle Anwar and Mary Louise Parker, it's not happening today. Also, kinda on the same topic- I think my tastes are improving. I no longer crave the tanned glow of Kim Kardashian with her crazy lashes and smokey eyes (bronzed me =/= pretty me) but covet the natural 'I'm not really wearing makeup' look. 

While I can't force my skin to look good, I can fake it a bit. I'm finally getting around to talking about two products that I really, really like. Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation and L'oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base. 
Let's do the primer, because we all know that comes first (this is like beauty commandment number two or something). 
I bought this two months ago, as soon as it hit the US market. I actually stalked several drugstores, and finally went to a CVS and begged a worker who was setting up the display to let me have at them (no one said desperation is pretty). I'm really liking it. I love silicone primers, but my t-zone gets awfully oily sometimes. That's why I love this one. It also has silica, which helps keep the oilies at bay. It also fills in the pores nicely. I don't think it's 100% oil free though, so I might not use it in the summer but it's a great product for the rest of the year. It seems like a small amount for between $10-13, but it's been two months and I still haven't finished it. So lots of love for this product.
Now, my new lovely foundation. I bought this because I really needed a foundation that filmed and photographed well ( I didn't want to subject you to the pictures of my time-of-the-month zit ridden skin ). Also, I needed a good shade match. This definitely meets those demands. I got a yellower foundation, 117 which is a bit more yellow than I'm used to, but it matches my neck and body well. I may not look good in person, but my skin does look rather flawless on camera. On the other hand, I feel like it's rather obviously foundation-y. Happy, happy. I still am on the hunt for my day to day foundation (NARS Sheer Glow is looking more and more like a winner). It is a bit pricey, $40 but for the results it provides, I can't really complain. 
That's all for tonight. I think. Maybe more swatches later. 
Have any favorite new products?

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