Helmer is Home and Purple Holo Nail Pity

Sunday, July 25, 2010
I finally upgraded my makeup storage! Yesterday, I conned Mr. MakeupWithdrawal into going to Ikea with me to buy a Helmer. I ended up putting it together all by myself because I was a little too proud to ask him for help. It took me about 5 hours- I kept getting it wrong- but once I figured out what I was doing wrong, it only took 45 minutes. I'm not done putting my makeup into the thing, but here's a quick look at the finished Helmer.
Kitty not included!

However, while assembling the Helmer, I tore a nail. I was stupidly trying to pry a metal flap open (guess what won, metal or my nail). I didn't have any silk wrap handy to repair it, so I shaped all my nails down to a stubby square. Oh, how sad this makes me- this is the shortest I've had my nails since I started to take care of them last May. Ok, pity party over- I painted them a badass purple holographic.

This is Color Club's Wild at Heart. It's a grape purple with that amazing fine holographic that I love. Sadly, it's raining out, so no under-the-sun super dazzling pictures for you.
My cuticles are still kinda flooded with polish- I'm so awkward with clean up. I wonder if I should get a manicure pen.

So! What think you of my new storage and grape Kool Aid holo nails?

All products mentioned were purchased by me, for my own use.

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