Rodarte and MAC Really Push My Buttons

Monday, July 19, 2010
Promo Image from MAC Rodarte
Nothing disturbs me quite like companies earning money from the unfortunate suffering of human beings. Since the release info of MAC's new collection collaborated with Rodarte, a flurry of anger and drama has ensued, rocking the makeup world.
I want to present some of the information-
First, you can see Rodarte's fall collection of dresses here, which is the 'inspiration' behind the MAC collection. has an article here.
To find out more about the MAC collection, visit Temptalia's release page here.
Addicted To Blush blogs about it here and so does Pink Sith (with remarkable amount of research) here.

I feel like both Rodarte and MAC have really crossed the line here- in my mind MAC being the worse offender for going beyond tasteless for naming their products 'Factory', 'Juarez', 'Sleepwalker' and so forth. Perhaps worst of all, 'Quinceanera' Blush. Is that supposed to be a glimpse of beauty among all the horror? Is the juxtaposition of a young maiden's glorious day, when she's among her family and loved ones and celebrates her life, against the violent crimes that kill women supposed to be 'artistic'? It just sends a chill down my spine, actually.
I really don't think MAC had any intention of trying to bring attention to the plight of the Jaurez, they only decided to donate a portion of their proceeds during a statement released after the initial outrage concerning this collection. To me,  that doesn't make amends for trespassing taste and dignity, in order to sell makeup.

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