Awesome Things to Do With NYX Pearl Manias (pt 2) (Taupe!)

Friday, July 2, 2010
The other day I talked about NYX Ultra Pearl Manias (here) and hinted at a wonderful world of do-it-yourself that involved them. Today, I reveal the amazing beautiful taupe that I dubbed 'Franken-Taupe'. Ok, in the picture it says, 'Frankens-Taupe', but that just doesn't roll off the tongue well.
Remember this FOTD? That's me, with the
I feel like the following pictures say it all! The recipe is simple, 1 part Mocha Pearl mixed with 1 part Silver Pearl. Easy, peasy.

Click any image to enlarge!
So that's the secret to this beautiful, almost metallic taupe. It's so much prettier in real life, honest- pictures don't do it justice!

Items shown were given to me as gifts, for my own use.

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