NARS Fall 2010 Collection (Douceur Blush Swatches!)

Friday, July 16, 2010
Left to right: Coconut Grove, Mangrove and Daphne
single shadows, $23 each
Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the most amazing nude blush. Yesterday, the NARS Fall 2010 collection debuted on the NARS site, but if you're a beauty junkie like me- you already saw promo pics. If you're even more like me, you would have gone all soft and bubbly on the inside at the sight of the new limited edition fall blush. If you're exactly like me, when you heard that some Nordstrom NARS counter already had the collection, you would have ran quickly to your car in a disheveled state, trying to score your next blush fix. Here's some sloppy pictures I took with my cellphone- they didn't even have a display up yet (probably because they're so busy with the Nordy's anniversary sale) but a most kind sales associate let me take a closer look.
Left to right: Tzarine and Rajasthan duos, $32 each
I apologize, I didn't get pictures of the lip products. The SA was a MAC counter gal, and she wasn't super familiar with the collection. Anyways, I gleefully snatched my blush and ran home (ok no, I thanked the SA, paid for my purchase and drove home like a safe driver) and took gazillions of pictures of my new blush.
Let me explain: I've been searching for a nice nude blush for a while now. I've come close to finding "The One" but all of them fell short- too pink, too peach, too brown, too orange.
But Douceur is love- a soft pink-brown that's almost sheer because it's so light. I'll go ahead and warn you, I don't think it'll show up on tanner and darker skin tones. But if you're a pale beauty looking for a slight, impossible to mess up natural flush Douceur is for you.

Again I repeat, if you're looking for a bright, pigmented pop of color, stay away. Don't even look at this blush's direction. For the first time ever, the NARS logo is etched into the blush pan, in delicate double lines that disappear the first time you use the blush.
Now he's the funny part, the blush is almost matte. True, if you squint at it closely, you do see a faint shimmer, but it's not discernible once on my skin. However, I have seen swatches of this blush online that look quite shimmer, I don't know why there's swatching discrepancy. The Douceur I tried in store wasn't shimmery either, beats me.
Boring you say? Nay, a beautiful, natural flush! Douceur blush, $26
Anyways, here's the sad part- some of this collection is limited edition including this blush (I'm already looking at mine sadly, knowing someday it will go to the blush grave). So run off to your NARS counter or stop online to take a look!  Use this code 071510CP2 for 18% off any purchase of $60 or more. It expires in two weeks, I believe. Shipping is also free over $50. Hit up Karla Sugar for full promotion pics here.

Photos taken at Nordstrom counter, item purchased for my own use.

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