7 Deadly Sins Collection by The Polish Well

Sunday, May 19, 2013
My friend Mich from The Polish Well is absolutely brilliant at making polishes. She has such an eye for creating polishes and they are all so gorgeous. I was so incredibly happy for her when she opened up her Etsy shop and started to sell some of her creations. I was even happier when she and I swapped, and I found a stuffed package full of her polishes in my mail box! I didn't know what to swatch and wear first, so I started with her first polishes and decided to work forward from there. Behold, the 7 Deadly Sins Collection.

 These are the 5ml mini bottles, aren't they adorable? I have to say, these have the best brushes of all the mini bottles of polish I have ever used. The brushes are full sized and comparable to the size of say, a Zoya brush.

 Greed. A black jelly with brown, caramel and gold glitter and sparkle. I really have a love for brown glitter and this one is just simply exceptional! Here, I've worn it over black. It looks absolutely fantastic by itself, a ton of depth but since I have a mini I wanted to use it sparingly.

 Wrath. Ah, the color of anger! A glossy red jelly with square gold glitter and sparkle, as well as little sooty black glitter thrown in. It's like looking into a volcano. An angry, vengeful volcano. Three coats, by itself.

Envy. I really love this one. Green glitter is my weakness, did you know? There are three sizes of green hexes here, small medium and large. There is also smaller black glitter and tiny multi colored sparkle. This one has a clear base so I've worn one coat here over Le Chat Dare 2 Wear Enchanted Forest. I think a similar effect could be achieved by Illamasqua Rampage (but that might be a bit bluer).

 Sloth. I had a hard time capturing this one because it is a milky white polish with soft aqua square glitter and small opalescent glitter. The over all effect is really dainty and well... soft. Just so soft. And sleepy. Three coats. The picture looks a tad funny in terms of skintone color because I had to darken it so you could actually see the glitter.

 Gluttony. A rainbow confection! Another clear base with rainbow and white satiny/matte glitter in all sizes and shapes. I was a bit brain dead so I couldn't think of anything good to pair it with, so I just put one coat over black. Mich has a picture on her blog where she has it over pink and a light teal and I think that looks much better.
Pride. Another clear base, this one is packed with satin white and aqua glitter, as well as iridescent pieces and a sprinkling of micro black glitter (?) unless my eyes deceive me. Worn here over Revlon Royal. 

Lust. Ah, perhaps my favorite! A wine jelly with so many shapes and colors of glitter. I see silver, bronze, black and red for starters. I love all the different sizes too. It's one sexy polish, I assure you. Three coats.

I absolutely adored this collection. Each polish is such a beautiful reflection of the sin that inspired it. Like I mentioned before, these are the 5ml minis (which go for $4) and there is also a 10ml size ($8).

Mich's shop is currently open the first and last three days of every month. The polishes are also made to order, so keep that in mind as you shop. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for the latest updates (@thepolishwell).

Products featured were sent in a polish exchange. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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