NYX HD High Definition Eye Shadow Base

Sunday, May 5, 2013
I'll admit that when I bought this NYX eye primer, I was being cheap. I had just run out of my beloved LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer and saw that NYX HD High Definition Eye Shadow Base was only $6.99 (plus it was BOGO50% off and I had a coupon), it felt like a steal. I briefly checked the reviews on MakeupAlley and saw four lipsticks (out of five)- not too shabby!

I think I've mentioned countless times already how much I hate doe footed primers (and concealers, anything but gloss really) so the packaging is not my cup of tea. It is however, very sturdy, I've had it for about six months and the white lettering is barely starting to fade and it is not drying out in the least bit.

This primer is a nude in color but blends out completely to become translucent. It feels a bit more fluid than other primers that I've tried so far.

I do like this primer quite a bit but with one caveat. When ever I apply this to my lids, it does seem to take a bit longer to dry than other primers. With larger arm swatches it is a bit more noticeable, it seems to stay a bit slick and silicone-y which can be a problem. Unless I blot first, I've noticed that brushes can pick up the "wetness" and transfer it back into the pan, creating that dreaded hard glazed surface on your eye shadow. For me, a quick blot with tissue or blotting paper to remove the excess slip solves the problem but I could see how for oilier eyes this might be an early indication that this primer might not be the best.

Here's a few comparisons.

The NYX swatches definitely look the darkest, since it is so wet. Actually now that I compare swatches, I think that in terms of shadow intensifying ability, the e.l.f. (and I mean the $1 one, not the one from the Mineral line) and the NARS look a lot a like.

For me, it's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eye Base is too drying, NYX HD Eye Shadow Base is too oily but LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer is just right. However, since the NYX is so cheap, I don't mind using it for arm swatches and taking that extra two seconds to lightly blot before applying shadow.

I'm so glad that there are way more options for drugstore eye shadow primers now than there were a few years ago. Prestige, Fergie by Wet'n'Wild, etc have finally made budget friendly primers. Have you tried any drugstore primers? Like, dislike?

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