Nicole By OPI If The Blue Fits...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I recently spotted a whole bunch of Nicole By OPI polishes on clearance for $3.52 at Target. From what I understand, not all the same shades are discounted in every region (and in some areas it is $5ish not $3ish). However, it might be worth checking out in your area because $3.52 is a phenomenal deal! Even better of a deal if you happened to grab the $1 coupon that was in the paper from the week before. Only one shade really caught my eye, called If The Blue Fits...

For some reason, it reminded me of a blue Chanel Taboo which I'm still lemming a bit. Different base color for sure, but the big particles of shimmer that are super bright and almost have a color shifting look to them look quite similar to me. I dunno, I might cave at the Nordstrom Trend Show this weekend. I'll see how close to the GWP amount I am, if I'm close I might pull the trigger.

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