Nail Pattern Boldness Sir Cumference And The Quadrilaterals

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
When I first saw a picture of Sir Cumference And The Quadrilaterals (hence forth abbreviated as SCATQ) on the Nail Patter Boldness Instagram account, I immediately fell in love.

How could anyone not love SCATQ? There's round glitter in two sizes and three colors; magenta, teal and pink. There are also soft, dainty white squares that have almost a translucent quality to them. Above, I'm wearing it over American Apparel Redondo Beach.

Of course, I also had to wear it over black to make the dots pop.

Then I slapped on a matte top coat (OCC Flatline) just out of curiosity.

The glitter is very dense. Shown in all of the pictures is just one coat, no fishing required. You will have to poke the brush around to get the glitter to lay where you want it to go. I applied one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food on top before using any top coats, not because SCATQ was top coat hungry, but because I wanted it to be perfectly smooth before mattifying it.

This is an LE polish, stocked by Shoppe Eclecticco but currently sold out. Be sure to follow Nail Pattern Boldness on Facebook and Instagram (@nailpatternboldness) for the latest updates.

Thank you so much, Allison for this beauty!

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