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Saturday, August 10, 2013
I have four really gorgeous and unique Laquerlicious polishes to show you today! Three of them are glitter bombs and the fourth is a creme with glitter. These are absolutely incredible and two of them have instantly jumped onto my imaginary favorite glitter polish of all time list.

Poppy Fields Three coats. A light pinky nude creme base with teal, white, coral and red glitter (all satiny). Really interesting and unusual glitter combination- but it works! I wish the base was a tiny bit more translucent so that the glitters could really pop but I still really like it. Dried a little uneven so I used one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food before Seche Vite.

Barbie Girl. One coat over LeChat Lily Pad. A really festive and imaginative glitter mix in clear! There is multiple shades of light green, white, two pinks and white glitter that really come together and pop. There are SO many other shades of polish I need to wear this on. Blue. Orange. Purple. Everything.

Hologram Jam. One coat over black, then matte top coat. Ok, this one just has TOO many kinds of glitter and sparkle for me to name them all. It is really dense and so very sparkly. I put a matte coat on because it was so insanely glittery that my camera couldn't deal with it.

Princess Jemma Bleue. Ok, this is just... just too beautiful. It's a mix of white, teal, purple and magenta glitter in a clear base. Pictured here is just ONE coat over black. It's Laquerlicious shades like this that make me honestly want to weep with joy.

Bottom line is this- NOBODY makes a glitterbomb like Michelle does. She has this amazing ability to put together shades of glitter that I couldn't possibly dream up and yet when I see the bottle, I can't help thinking how utterly perfect all those colors go together. The glitters are also SO incredibly dense, I always just need one coat when wearing them as a topper- no fishing needed.

You can purchase Laquerlicious Lacquers here on Etsy. She's currently on vacation (sorry, is that cruel showing you such pretty polishes when you can't instantly order it? I apologize). Also follow Laquerlicious on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates, sneak peeks of new colors and sale codes!

Products featured were sent to me for review. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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