Messy Mansion Plate MM14

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Hi folks!

Tonight I have another plate from Messy Mansion. As I mentioned in my first review here, Messy Mansion is an Australian website that not only carries a lot of really cool plates from various lines, but also has their own line of plates with wonderfully detailed designs. This is MM14, a bird themed plate. 

For the specifics on the plates, I  urge you to refer to the more detailed first post. The gist is that these are large images and it helps to scrap very lightly for the best transfer. 

 There are so many different manicures one could do with this plate but I chose to use the full sized peacock feathers. I used Le Chat Dare to Wear Lily Pad, Ocean View and Violetta as my base gradient and then used Color Club Halo Hues Beyond to stamp.

It turned out really well if I do say so myself! Definitely be sure to check out all the beautiful designs that Messy Mansion has to offer. Remember, if you are international and only order plates, shipping is only$2.50! Splendid, no?

Which of the designs on this plate is your favorite?

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