Salon Perfect First Look Fall Polishes

Thursday, October 3, 2013
Hello! Some of you might have already seen this collection in Walmarts across the country. The Salon Perfect First Look Fall Polishes consists of mainly frosty shimmers sold alongside the Matte FX top coat. Since frosty shimmers aren't my cup of tea shiny but look really pretty when matte, I decided to show you all five swatches (there are eleven color shades total) with the Matte FX on top.

 Scarlet Enchantment. A rich ruby red with veins of gold shimmer running though out. The gold fades a bit when matte. Two coats.
 Royal Knight. Shimmery eggplant. Two coats.

 Nautical Nights. A stunning blue with a bit of purple duochrome frosty shimmer. Two coats.

 Tainted Love. An apricot pink with frosty green gold. Really unique, I didn't expect to like this but I think it looks really beautiful matte. Three coats.

Dirty Martini. You can't go wrong with an olive! Frosty, but the brush strokes aren't too bad when matte. Two coats.

All of the formulas were really quite good, very easy to control and dense. Most of them probably could have been one coaters but just leveled better with two. The Matte FX is really fantastic. It dries really quickly and makes the polish look really matte without any streaking at all.

I gotta say, these five shades really surprised me. I wrote them off when I saw that they were on the frosty side but they look quite nice with the Matte FX top coat and the formulas were very impressive.

Salon Perfect shades are $3.98 and sold at Walmart locations nationwide.

Products featured were sent to me as press samples. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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