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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So every year I go on a BUY ALL THE LOOSE INDIE SHADOWS kick, and 2013 was no exception. I managed to rein it in a bit and only purchased sample sizes from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. Femme Fatale is an Australian brand who makes both makeup and polishes (which I also happen to adore).

This is sort of a two part post arc because I have more shades to show you, but thought it might be too tedious to stuff in a single post.

The sample packets ship free which is nice, as it is international post. Samples come in either a 5 pack or 10 pack, you get to choose the shades. Generally the dispatch time seems to be very quick (within a couple of days) but the post can take a while. FFC's shadow powerhouse seems to be subtle and tastefully made duochromes, which isn't to say that the other shades aren't pretty but there happen to be many, many duochromes. 

All swatches are done over primer.

Left to right: Banshee Scream, Witchwood, Bone Dust, Secret Shiny, Hallowed Ground, Nightlash, Dispersion,. 

Banshee Scream is a pale lilac with green secret shimmer. Witchwood is a tan with golden green shimmer. Bone Dust is a matte dust color with pink shimmer. Rampage is merlot based with gold shimmer. Secret Shiny looks like Banshee Scream but more lilac and gold instead of green shimmer. Hallowed Ground is pale matte mint with faint pink shimmer. Nightlash is a rich purple with bright gold shimmer (think Zoya Tru in eye shadow form) and Dispersion is a brick red with blue sparkle. 

Left to right: The Masquerade, Pumpkin Shrine, Candied Apple, Spearmint Candy.

These shades are all on the lighter colored side, from the Handful of Treats Collection (which being a WoW playing, Halloween lovin' girl, I love). The Masquerade is a lovely soft dove grey with pink sparkle. Pumpkin Shrine is a shimmery green with golden orange shimmer. Candied Apple is a matte brick red base but with dominating icy green sparkle. Spearmint Candy is soft lavender in the pouch but is a gleaming icy blue frost.

Some of these shades are great packed on, while others look better as a sheer wash. Here's a few EOTDs that I did with these shades.

 Here, I've used Witchwood all over the lid with a matte warm brown in the crease and brown liner.

 Pumpkin Shrine is the main focus of this look, with a matte green under the eyes and in the crease as well as coppery and gold in the inner corner.

The Masquerade is all over the lid here, with Nightlash under the lashes. I've used a matte grey in the crease.

This definitely filled my duochrome cravings! Have you tried anything from FFC?

Products featured were purchased by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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