Sonia Kashuk Lavish Luxe 10 Piece Brush Set

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I first spotted this Sonia Kashuk Lavish Luxe Brush Set at Target a couple months back and had been mulling over whether or not I would purchase it since. I did pull the trigger and am beyond happy that I did. 

I'm a brush snob, there's no doubt about it and don't tend to buy sets because seldom do I want to use the majority of the ones included. This set is an exception. I actually each and every single brush in this set! For $29.99 you get 10 brushes which is rather shocking - I've never seen brushes in the $3 range that are of this quality. 

The brushes are a mixture of synthetic and natural hairs (goat, I'm assuming). The core of the handle is plastic but each brush is encased in gold metal which gives it a very pleasing heft and sturdy feeling construction. I love the way they look, they have a very old fashioned, elegant appeal. 

Duo Fiber Fan Brush, Domed Powder Brush, Synthetic Pointed Foundation Brush. 

 Precision Liner Brush, Synthetic Concealer Brush, Brow Lash Brush

Pointed Blending Brush, Large Shader Brush, Angled Crease Brush, Brow Brush. 

The hairs vary. The synthetic hairs and incredibly fine, delightfully soft and packed to a great density. The natural hairs are cut tipped (as opposed to brushes like from Chikuhodo, Hakuhodo which have natural tips that have never been trimmed) but are still very soft. I find them to be much softer than my Sigma brushes (to be fair, I only have black haired ones to compare to) on par with Smashbox or Stila. The Brow Brush and Brow Lash Brush contain much stiffer, coarser hairs but that makes sense given their purpose. 

My favorite brushes are the Pointed Blending Brush and the Pointed Synthetic Foundation Brush because I have no dupes of either. The Pointed Blending Brush is definite the most tapered, pointy eye brush that I have and it really does a great job of blending out crease colors without dragging the shadows too far. The pointy foundation brush is great for the corners of my nose, all the areas that are hard to reach with my regular flat foundation brush. 

In short, this set exceeded all my expectations. I'm usually not one to extol brushes based on value but given that the whole set is cheaper than quite a few single brushes out there from higher end brands and yet do not stick out like poor relations, I highly recommend this set. 

This set is limited edition for the holidays, available at Target. 

Products featured were purchased by me, for my own  use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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