Nubar Spring in the City Collection: Swatches & Review

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hello! On a happier note, today I have a gorgeous spring collection to show you.

I immediately loved the Nubar Spring in the City Collection as soon as it arrived at my door. The colors are interesting and compliment each other quite well. There are eight shades total, all creme finish.

 Fashion is Forward. Two coats. A cool navy grey shade.

 New Mood. Four thin coats. A muted pastel purple, with cool undertones.

Succulent. Three coats. A bright neon coral pastel. Hard to capture, it's more vivid in real life. 

Dreamy Moss. Three coats. A minty aqua shade, on the softer, muted side. 

Wildflower Blooming. Three coats. More peachy orange than Succulent, a similar neon pastel. 

Spring in Her Step. Three coats. A sort of 70's pink. Not shocking but still stands out. 

Sleek in the City. Three coats. A really great unusual color! A mauve shade that reminds me of red mung bean paste inside mochi. 

City Self. Three coats. Light pastel purple, warmer than New Mood. 

One thing that I have to point out that you may have noticed is that the pigments settle a bit in quite a few of these shades. Four of the shades have whiteish pigment at the bottom (Spring in Her Step, Sleek in the City, City Self, Fashion is Forward). If you're intent on shaking the bottle until they fully mix, you'll be at it for a while. The bit of white doesn't really change the shade too much, other than it looking perhaps a bit darker than intended. The two neon pastel shades, Succulent and Wildflower Blooming have the opposite problem; the neon pigments seem to be sinking. They look lighter than intended.

Formula was pretty good on the whole, though definitely pair these with a good base like Nubar Foundation. I used another one just for quick swatching and they popped right off my nail.

I really adore these colors. I've already done two manicures featuring some of the shades.
This is my first successful splatter manicure, featuring Fashion is Forward, Dreamy Moss and New Mood. Topped off with Nubar Matt.

Here we have my first stamping decal. I used New Mood, Dreamy Moss, Succulent plus XL C stamping plate along with black and white cremes.

The colors are interesting, not tired in the least bit. I like that while there are pastel shades, they're re-imagined, not the same boring pastels that resurface every spring.

Nubar is Big-3 free and vegan! Nubar shades can be purchased here. This collection isn't available quite yet, but you can bet it'll be on the website shorty.

Products featured were press samples. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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