Sephora BITE For VIB Rouge

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Last year, Sephora unveiled a new status - VIB Rouge. To qualify, one must spend $1000 in a calendar year. BITE Beauty released a limited edition Luminous Créme shade, BITE For VIB Rouge and a mini version comes in the VIB Rouge welcome kit.

I'm already a huge fan of the BITE Luminous Créme forumula but this shade just takes the cake. BITE For VIB Rouge is a primal, smoldering blue based red. It's darker and more true red than Poppy and less pink than Pomegranate, if you were wondering. I usually prefer my reds on the warm side but I think that this is close enough to neutral that it might be THE universally flattering red. 

 This second photo is in the late afternoon with more warmer lighting (and less of it).

The thing that gets my goat is that this LE VIB Rouge exclusive shade is $28 while regular shades of BITE Luminous Créme Lipstick are $24. It seems rather silly to charge more when VIB Rouge members have already spent a decent amount at Sephora.  

Anyways, free shipping all year and an extra Make Up For Ever mini Aqua Pencil in Black for the birthday gift. There's also early access to sales (like that one at the end of 2013, the clearance sale) and early access to new products (like the new Pantone Universe + Sephora 2014 lipstick, but that sold out instantly). There's supposedly other perks too but to be honest, it feels pretty much like regular VIB; not worth fussing over. 

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