A Comparison Between Plate Organizers: Bundle Monster & Cosmos

Saturday, February 22, 2014

For the longest time, I stored my plates in a homemade binder using baseball card holders. I even wrote a post about it a long time ago. Recently I wanted something a bit nicer since the binder was getting ridiculously heavy, believe it or not those plates can start to really weigh a bit once you have 100+! I bought two plate organizers just so I'd be able to compare and they both have pros and cons. 

First, let's examine the Bundle Monster Nail Stamp Stamping Plate Zippered Synthetic Leather Case Plates Holder Organizer. 

Cost: $15.99 
Easily purchased through Amazon or the Bundle Monster website.
Exterior is a nice heavy duty, vinyl, shiny croc print. The interior is a soft flocked velvet lined material. The stitching is sound. . 
BM says: 
Has 84 nail plates slots, but is designed to hold 168 plates (2 plates per slot). Fits 5.6 cm standard size nail plates.
Size: length 2-3/8'' * width 7/32''
Personally I don't like to place two plates in a slot. I'll be honest, I don't really have a valid reason, I just like having every plate in it's own spot. Maybe if there was a "lip" on the backside, I wouldn't mind as much.

Next, the Cosmos Black Soft Nylon Zippered Nail Art Stamp Plates Holder Organizer.

Cost: $12.99
Purchasable through Amazon.
The exterior is nylon. It pulls a bit around the stitching and doesn't seem super solid or quality. Essentially it reminds me of a CD case one might find at a dollar store. It's functional but the materials don't seem to be that great. 

Cosmos says:
Have 8 pages to hold 108 standard sized (2.2") stamp plates and 16 large sized (2.75") stamp plates
See-through design makes convenient for organization, zipper equipped makes your items more secure
It is nice to be able to store my larger octagon shaped plates, even if I can only store 16 of them. I like that this organizer can store 108 plates without having to double up plates in each slot. Each page is double sided. However, the pages seem flimsier.

To sum it up, I like the Bundle Monster organizer more in terms of quality, it definitely is made from better materials. I'm not crazy about the croc print though! I wish it had storage for other sized plates. The Cosmos organizer is just flimsier and less appealing, though I can't deny that I love all the extra slots.

Hope that helps! Have you seen any other organizers out there other than the one from BM, Pueen and Cosmos?

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