Nail Pattern Boldness A Parliament of Magpies, Pt. 3

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good evening!

Tonight I have my final segment of the Nail Pattern Boldness A Parliament of Magpies Collection. Be sure to check out parts 1 & 2  if you haven't already. Tonight we'll be looking at Clairvoyant Visitor, Love Returns, Magpie's Treasure and Thieving. I've saved some of my favorites - best for last!

 Clairvoyant Visitor. Two coats on the middle fingers, dots on black accent outer fingers. A gunmetal grey micro glitter accented by magenta and pink glitter. I love this color combination, it just looks so good.

 Love Returns. Again, two coats on the inner fingers. A mix of fuchsia with light teal and the unexpected use of copper. A really great combination of colors that I would never think of!

 Magpie's Treasure. Two coats. A sparkly champagne fine glitter with small brown glitter.

Thieving. Two coats. My personal favorite out of the whole collection, a beautiful dark purple microglitter with blue and bright raspberry glitter.

Every shade offers coverage in two coats if you dab them. They don't dry as rough as you'd expect, I found that by themselves I could get away with just a slick of topcoat. As accents however, I probably should have used Glitter Food to help smooth things over.

I felt the need to make a recap collage.

A macro collage. Because I can.

This really is a beautiful collection. There are so many color combinations that are just remarkable that I would have never thought to put together. If you love dense glitters that are fine in glitter size, these are right up your alley for sure.

Click here to shop shades from the Nail Pattern Boldness A Parliament of Magpies Collection.

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