Blemish Skincare Routine - Summer 2017

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Good afternoon!

I tend to get a few scattered pimples that time of the month, a cyst somewhere on my jaw and a some inflamed whiteheads. The cyst usually dominates my chin (on those days, the cyst IS my chin, ouch) and the whiteheads occur primarily in my t-tzone (nostril is a popular respawn spot). I retaliate fast and hard by switching to some centella heavy products that reduce redness, inflammation, and soothe when acne is at its worst. 

My regular day to day skin routine includes some very mild acid use for keeping my skin clear (in the form of  a gentle AHA toner and weak lactic & glycolic acid serum) but today I'd like to go in depth about the routine I switch to when my skin is breaking out. 

Cleansing: I actually don't do a single thing differently in terms of cleansing. I stick to my regular cleansing oil (currently Manyo Factory Pure Cleansing Oil, reviewed here) and my second cleanser, Glossier Milky Jelly (review here) which is quite mild. I can depend on both to remove even the most high coverage of base makeup without irritating my skin. 

[Pure Heal's by Nature Village] Centella 65 Green Tea Pack

Man oh man do I love this wash off mask, not just when I'm breaking out. It's creamy with bits of tea leaves, it doesn't dehydrate your face in the least bit. I find it very soothing, nourishing and gently cleansing. I find my face to be very soft and calm after I've rinsed this mask away and lightly blotted my face. Ingredients: here. Purchase here at eBay.

[Pure Heal's by Nature Village] Centella Reviving Toner

The cooling sensation is from the eucalyptus. Normally I shy away from cooling product (particularly peppermint ones) as they tend to irritate, but the cooling/astringent feel is very mild and it feels fantastic on irritated blemishes. Some toners I like to pat on, some I like to spray, but this is one that feels great when wiped across the skin with a soft cotton pad. Also, gorgeous green glass bottle. Ingredients: here. Purchase: here at Sweet Corea.

[Alivelab] Centella Dressing Powder

This is a soft white powder, not unlike powdered sugar. I'm not really sure if this product adds any more to my routine. It was the last thing added and honestly, probably have hit diminishing returns. I mix this white powder with the Pure Heal's Centella Ampoule to form a paste and dab it on spots overnight. I'm not super sure it does anything. Ingredients: here. Purchase here at Sweet Corea.

[Pure Heal's by Nature Village] Centella 90 Ampoule

Reviewed in depth here. This is the real muscle in the group! Reduces redness, inflammation, feels nice and cool.

[Dr Jart+] Cicapair Cream

I loved the Dr Jar Cermadin cream (review here) so I was eager to try Cicapair. I found it to be more slick and emollient than Ceramidin, but pleasant if used sparingly. It is very calming but it's truly exceptional at reducing redness. Ingredients: here. Purchase: here at Sephora.

What I like about this routine is that it really reduced inflammation and there's no crusty, dried skin whatsoever. This makes blemishes much easier to conceal. The healing time on these breakouts is pretty minimal, a day or two compared to the drawn out zits I dealt with previously.

Have you tried any products that were centella heavy? What's your current way to tackle breakouts?

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