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Thursday, July 13, 2017

During the "winter" (CA winter, go ahead and laugh), I have been loving the moisturizing A'Pieu Creamy Moist Concealer, I wanted something more light weight feeling for summer. It's been hitting 110F in my area, and whatever I picked had to survive high temps. I recently bought a few shades of  The Saem's Cover Perfection Tip Concealer and have been riding out the heat waves with this product.

The wand is an unremarkable doe footed wand and the shade range is incredibly skimpy. There's 1, 1.5, 2 as well as a contour and a highlight shade.  Link to CosDNA list of ingredients.

Left is 1.5, right is 2. 
1.5 is a touch peachy/beige compared to 2, but not much lighter. 2 is more yellow. 

Naked face.

Face with just concealer. I used shade number 2.

This concealer wears through the heat really well! In both scorching dry heat and muggy 90%+ relative humdity, the concealer stayed put unless I fussed around with my face and transferred it off. Cover Perfection Tip Concealer survived both multiple dustings of powder as well as light blotting in super humid conditions.

There's only one issue, this concealer is just atrocious at collecting in fine lines and wrinkles. It looks really bad when blended under my eyes, at the end of the day the concealer has gathered in baggy wrinkles I didn't even know I had. If what you're trying to cover is mostly redness or blemishes, this concealer is a great pick. Not very suitable for under the eyes.

Full face on top of the concealer: touch of powder, contour, lil blush.

I think the coverage is opaque enough that sometimes I skip foundation, this is my only base coverage. Cover Perfection Tip Concealer blends out quite well, especially with soft synthetic foundation brushes. It doesn't feel super heavy on the face, much more comfortable in the summer compared to my other budget friendly concealer, A'Pieu Creamy Moist Concealer.

This concealer is definitely also on the more inexpensive side. I bought it on sale, under $3 a tube. You can buy the Cover Perfection Tip Concealer by The Saem on YesStyle for around $4 or from Amazon for around $5 and change. The shade range is once again abysmal but if you can find a match, definitely a great concealer for the summer.

Do you have a concealer that doesn't feel too heavy for the summer? Or do you usually keep the same products all year round?

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